Price Match Guarantee

At Ontario Hyundai, our goal is to provide you with the most competitive price quote possible in a transparent and timely manner. We try to aggressively price our vehicles up front by analyzing the market daily through dealer websites, newspaper ads, and third party sources. Our goal is not always easy because the market is rapidly changing so in case we miss something, we have our Price Match Guarantee.

Ontario Hyundai will match any price quote for a new vehicle purchase.

Step 1 Show us your quote from a California Hyundai Dealership.
Step 2 We will verify the quote.
Step 3 We’ll meet the presented price. It’s that simple.
The fine print:
In Stock New Vehicles Only
Price matching is available on in stock new vehicles only. Demonstrators, damaged vehicles (hail,etc.) or competitive ads listing “one at this price” do not qualify. Ad must be from a Hyundai Dealer within California.

We will price match on vehicles of the same year, make and model with the same MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). Adjustments can be made for variances in equipment. We will also make allowances for slight differences in equipment.

No Bundled Offer Matches
We will not price match on bundled offers. This includes, but is not limited to, instances where a customer is forced to accept a competitive dealer’s in house financing in order to receive a special price.  Without a complete rate disclosure, it is impossible to determine what the competitive offer is. We believe in a straight forward low price, unfortunately not all of our competitors work the same way.

What are Advertised Prices?
We will price match competitive newspaper ads, dealership internet offers, or copies thereof.

Verifying Pricing Accuracy
We reserve the right to verify pricing accuracy and availability of competitive ads for errors and omissions. Occasionally a competitor or media source will make a pricing error, which falls outside our price match policy.